Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What's Your Ideal Country?

Check out this fascinating tool by the OECD that matches your preferences over big life categories (quality of health, quality of government, community, etc.) to countries doing well in those areas. I got Canada, but the test didn't include a climate dimension, which would shift my results dramatically (towards the equator). There also isn't any sort of freedom dimension (economic, political, religious, etc.), which seems to be a pretty important value for most people.


  1. Pretty cool. But poor Turkey -- although I hear they have wonderful beaches!

  2. Intriguing, but confusing. Who would care about anything else, so long as their "life satisfaction" was a 5? How is income really relevant if you're already assured great housing and healthcare? The terms are a little flaky for me.

  3. Nice little tool. I got Sweden, which angered me to no end. There needs to be a "petty nationalism" bar.