Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Go Forth And Search By Category

This is a big day in Unity Politics history--I've added categories.  This means that if you're interested in a particular topic, it will be much easier to search for related posts.  So if you're just dying to check out all those archived Information Nexuses, just click the label "Information Nexus" and they will pop up.  Here are the categories: PoliticsEconomicsScienceEnvironmentPhilosophyCulturePsychologyTechnologyBusinessLawHistoryPolitical CartooningInformation Nexus.

If readers have any feedback, comments, or suggestions about the pace of blogging, topic mixture, style, or anything else don't hesitate to post a comment!  If you have a substantive question or response to a post, don't be shy--I'll try and respond promptly.


  1. Short, compact posts are good. I like the variety of your postings, so searching by topic won't particularly impact me. Dig the cartoons.

  2. Looking for the Muessig political cartoon section.....