Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Palin '12: Enough Is Enough

There's been endless speculation about Sarah Palin running for president in 2012.  And this week's massive NYTimes profile is bound to intensify the meaningless chatter.  I promised myself I wouldn't blog about Palin, but I feel a little bit like everyone is taking crazy pills: Sarah Palin WILL NOT run for president in 2012.  If she actually wanted to run, she never would have resigned as Governor of Alaska.  Instead, she would have stayed on to build a substantive record while studying policy matters and constructing a safer brand.  She's done nothing to forge a network of connections and supporters.

The reality is that much of her celebrity and money-making power is based on the premise of her potentially running for president, so she must conform to that idea in certain ways, such as talking about it frequently and remaining active politically.  But let's not confuse a simple marketing strategy for the serious and painstaking steps necessary to become a viable candidate for the nation's highest office.

If you disagree, I'm willing to back my prediction with a bet, up to $100.  Either way, there's money to be made on this issue.


  1. Well, If there was a contract for Sarah Palin not running, then yes, there is money to be made. Sadly, I can't find one. I like your blog.

    Furlong 09'

  2. She's so coy... I'd bet against her running as well, but you never know. I'd be more inclined to start selling her at around 80, then the 70ish she is right now...