Thursday, May 29, 2014

Aging is Wrong

"But we should probably start planning everything in advance. Right now, nobody is going to behave as if it’s going to happen. If you actually managed to do it, one day, society would be completely off-guard."  
"That’s true, but I am not going to tackle each individual problempensions, kids, resourcesthat might arise in a post-ageing society. I prefer to help people focus on the fact that we’ve a problem today, a really rather bad problem. That is that 100,000 people every fucking day are dying of ageing. That’s the important thing, not worrying about hypothetical problems.
Unfortunately, people are programmed to find reasons why it would be a bad idea to defeat ageing. This is mainly because they fear the unknown, since the world would be very different without ageing."
That's from a great interview with gerontologist Aubrey de Grey about aging and life extension. It doesn't delve much into his specific approach the the problem of ageing, but contains some excellent insight into the marketing challenges in his field.

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