Thursday, January 16, 2014

Websites I've Been Enjoying Lately

1. Project Syndicate: Mostly economics essays by experts in the field.

2. Quartz: Fantastic community blog about business with nice buzzfeedy hooks.

3. The Atlantic Cities: Most of the best urbanism blogs are clearly aimed at people working in the field, but this one is very accessible.

4. Aeon: Longform essays with a philosophical/scientific orientation. Of the ideas and concepts that have stuck with me lately, most have come from this site. They have a nice video section also.

5. The Umlaut: Community blog loosely focusing on political philosophy and the liberal arts. One writer, Adam Gurri, is a Nassim Taleb acolyte, who applies that unique analytical frame to novel topics.

6. Yale Environment 360: Most environmental news blogs and sites sacrifice quality in order to post regularly and often. But environmental developments don't really fit with our frenetic news system, and don't require daily analysis. This site posts more infrequently, but with greater depth and agenda-setting power.

7. TechWire: Simply the best aggregator of news and analysis about technology and technology policy.

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