Monday, April 18, 2011

Gear Up for Bike Weather

Spring is upon us, and in cities nationwide armies of bicyclists are once again greasing their chains and pumping their tires after a long winter of restricted transportation options. It was a feisty season for bicycles, with Washington D.C. launching a new bikeshare program and one new bike lane in Brooklyn sparking a national conversation about the utility of bike-oriented urban policy. But don't worry, the idea of a 'complete street' is here to stay. Critics of bike lanes rely on generally pathetic arguments, and even complex scientific modeling favors bikers.

Creative thinking to enhance bicycle usage is everywhere, but the best new idea I've seen is probably public bike pumps. The Urban Bikeway Design Guide catalogues the more traditional set of strategies. Minneapolis, Bicycling Magazine's 2010 Best Bike City, is preparing for its most bike-friendly spring yet with some cool innovations. Happy riding!

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  1. Here in Minnesota, support for bicycle infrastructure and complete streets' design is very strong, and the MN Dept. of Transportation is totally on board.