Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Took a Shit, Made the News

The whole Koran-burning media explosion compounded by this new Kenyan anti-colonialism thing makes this video extremely relevant again.  Maybe it's the inevitable price we pay for freedom of speech and a free press, but clearly something is different.  These cynical media-manipulations seems to be occurring everywhere now.  

Maybe it's the internet and new communications technology (clearly there are new opportunities and incentives), or maybe we can best explain it with cultural changes.  Whatever the reasons, people are increasingly super-rational in pursuing ends: we understand now better than ever how information moves and propagates, and so it is much easier to make informed strategic decisions.  We're really seeing a collective action problem that can probably only be fixed through technocratic, science-based authoritative intervention.  Ever thought about a "systemic risk regulator" for the media?  I have. 

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